Design Of A Three Way Tipper Mechanism For Building Trucks

tipper-truck-2So that you can conserve unloading costs, tipper trucks are becoming extremely popular nowadays. The basic tipper mechanism of a three way tipper construction truck will be explained in this post.

How A Tipper Trucks That Are Typical Functions

The mechanism that is tipping is the core of a three way tipper building truck. Tipping mechanisms function basically on the following:

Hydraulic Cylinder: A hydraulic cylinder is placed at one end of the truck, and the means of a pivot joint connects the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder to the chassis of truck.

In the forward stroke of the cylinder, it shoves the truck body upwards so gives necessary aerodynamic lift for tipping dumping. So the truck is unloaded. To its original spot the body of the truck comes in the return stroke of the cylinder.


Hinge Joint: The other bottom end of the body of the truck is connected by a hinged joint with the chassis. So, when the hydraulic cylinder pushes the body inside ‘s forward stroke the whole body gets tipped about the axis of the hinged joint and the stuff gets unloaded and by the return stroke of the hydraulic cylinder body comes and seat to its initial position regarding the hinged axis.

But in this kinds of tipper can unload stuff just at the backside of the tipper.

3 Way Tipper Can Overcome This Problem, As It Can Unload Material On Three Sides

Three way tipper mechanism As already mentioned, a three way tipper can unload materials in all three sides. To control the sides of tipping there needs to be demanded one more pneumatic cylinder apart from the primary hydraulic cylinder. Additionally we need particular types of hinge joints in this event.


Please reference the attached image of a 3 way tipper arrangement. The cross joint permits the joining members to tilt with respect.

Now, if you consider the side of cylinder 3 & 4 is rear of the vehicle, then by functioning cylinder no. 1 & 2 will cause rear tipping, functioning cylinder 2 & 4 will cause left side tipping, and functioning cylinder 1 & 3 will cause right side tipping.